Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knowledge Gaps

You know those times where there's weird gaps in your knowledge that never get filled until long after they should have been? This happens to me quite a few times a year, mainly because my knowledge is essentially just a series of plugged gaps, but I can't think of any instances right now so instead I'll pass this one on, which involves a friend.

She and I were standing at the edge of a lawn, looking for a certain person's car. I hadn't met this person or their car before, so I felt kind of useless since I wasn't really able to help. I decided to get more information about the car without asking what the model was because I felt sure that either she would know the model and I wouldn't or she wouldn't know it at all (you know how it is sometimes with car models--or maybe you don't). The following conversation occurred.

Me: What color is it?
Her: White.
Me: Is it a sedan?
Her: No, it's a Camry.
Me: Uh, [Her], a Camry is a sedan. A sedan is just a... car. Like a car that isn't a van or a truck. You know.  A car.
Her: Oh.

Tell me about your weird knowledge gaps in the comment box below. Or, you know, don't, whatever.

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