Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gideon Conversation

The Setting: A Place. The Gideons are handing out copies of the New Testament. The Gideons are mostly old men in suits of varying quality, and when people pass them by they seem even frailer, their suits even thinner, as if something has deserted them. Then another person passes by and they regain that spark and try again.

I take one, mainly to show support. They could be street-preaching about how America is the new Sodom and jezebels tempt honest young men in the streets or what the hell ever, but instead they're just quietly handing out copies of the New Testament, being ignored by most people.

So, as I said, I take one. The man smiles at me. I encounter another one a little farther down. The New Testament is small and thin, about the size of a box of playing cards, and it rests in my pocket where this new Gideon can't see it.

Gideon: Would you like one, sir?

Me: No thanks, I'll wait for the movie.

I show him the New Testament.

Me: Nah, I'm just kidding, I already got one.

He smiles. As I walk away, he calls after me, as an afterthought, perhaps worried that I haven't fully been sold on the book.

Gideon: Well, it's, I mean, it's almost as real as a movie!

Me: Haha, yeah...

I resume walking. A moment passes.

Me (thinking): Wait...